Where is Arnold Auguste?

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Where Is Arnold Auguste?

Many people have been wondering and asking the question, “Where is Arnold Auguste”? For the past two to three week’s publications, Share Newspaper has been silent on the issues surrounding Caribana 50th Anniversary Celebration and who owns the name Caribana. Share was one of CCC biggest critics of for years. Hence one would think  it would inform the Caribbean community of what’s going down.  One source told me of a response from Share about the Caribana name issue, but I probably missed that weeks’ publication and if I did, then I apologize.


Letter To Community Medias

I know there are deep resentments for years between Share and the Camera. I informed Colin Rickard of a letter to both parties inviting them to help save the festival for the community. His response was, “it will never happen”.  He was right I never received a reply from either paper. I am wondering if Share is staying out of this fiasco, to avoid publishing conflicting remedies to help solve the stand-off between FMC and CAG. Just wondering!

The City’s Involvement In Caribana

Mihevic has a second chance to help bring the community back together after he devastated the dreams and hopes on many Black people in the Caribbean Community. My advice to him is to ask each group to submit a plan for the 50th Anniversary. Then based on their plans and proposals he should give funding to both groups. I hate to mention Government funding, but I have no choice, since both groups are broke, bankrupt and don’t have the funds to prepare for the celebration. The funding for these two Dracula come in one hand and goes out the next.

Funding Mass Bands

Money for the bandleaders should not be included and they should also produce proposals to show why the need the money. Keep in mind many Mass camps do fundraising events and costumes cost a bundle, so they have money and don’t need a lot of tax payers’ money. Bandleaders should be looking for a share of the King & Queen revenue.  Money allocated for police and CNE is killing FMC. Hence it must come up with plans to get out of this schism.

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    I have to congratulate Arnold on his article, “CAG must get its act together “. I am not looking for names when he mentioned the chaos that Caribana went through. However he must include dates, so folks will not paint Caribana’s existence with one brush. Most of Caribana’s problems began in the late 1980s. He’s been around long enough to know there were no big issues before that. His article is almost saying that Caribana was a failure from day one and that’s far from the truth. The proof is in the taste of the pudding – $400million. A lot of Caribana’s problems started with TMBA coming on-stream and may end when it leaves.

  • Author

    Probably. I am asking folks to submit their pictures and videos to be posted.

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    How can you peer an article and what’s involved? It cost to even promote the site and I don’t have or make money to even start addressing that issue. My hope is to work with or have someone or outfit to promote an event that can/will generate the necessary funds.


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