Views Of The Pioneers

This letter from the chair of Caribana and the advertisements and brochures of 67 shows where the pioneers were heading with the organization. Today the emphasis is on the parade, but back then it was a different outlook and agenda. I must admit I was not fully aware of the visions and dreams the  pioneers hoped to achieve. Those dreams and aspirations slowly took a back seat as the parade became the focus point.

A Talented and Educated Board

This picture shows a board packed with talented and educated individuals. They were looking to big-up the Black and Caribbean community. They left no stones un-turned because they included people from different islands with various qualifications. Incidentally, their dreams are still doable and can be accomplished today.

The Pioneers Dreams And Aspirations

Those dreams and aspirations are the ingredients needed to bring the community together again. Ironically there are more talented and educated people who can use the new Technology and Internet capabilities to make the journey easier to accomplish.
Romain Pitt was right when he stated that the size of the board was to ensure there will always be folks to carry-on the fight to accomplish those dreams. There is the need for a large number of people to get those diverse tasks up and running. Today we hear of one man/woman calling all the shots and they are failing miserable.

A Fifteen Member Board

For years I begged several boards to increase their boards to 15 members with 5 people being recycled every AGM. I pointed out that this will encourage stability, continuity and integrity. I watched CARIBANA disintegrated before my eyes after all my warnings were totally ignored.The governments will unsure the festival never dies because of the millions it puts into their hands.

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