Caribbean Community Unite For 2017 Anniversary Celebration

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Uniting the Community

This year FMC and CAG have an opportunity to unite the Caribbean Community. This may be the only opportunity to do so in a long time. Hence it is imperative they take the opportunity to do something real positive.


The plan is to approach all the banks and big, small and medium size businesses in Toronto and ask for their support to by sponsoring the SocaFest. This may heal the division in our community. This idea is to include people from all the islands to participate in an event that celebrate Canada 150th Anniversary and Caribana 50th Anniversary.

Common Link

The plan is to provide an event that brings the people from the Caribbean together. The SocaFest event is the answer because there are artists from almost every island that was involved in the first festival in 67.
Their involvement may prove how serious they feel about uniting the community; after many years of hostility. This united front can produce a body that will not be controlled by the governments and can raise the necessary funds to produce the event?

Healing the Community Discord

Many businesses may welcome the opportunity to help heal the discord in today’s divided and hostile world that has a grip on the Caribbean community right in their back yard.
I’d love to hear from FMC and CAG about this project. This dialog is going out to other people in the community for their feedback. Please pass this on to others to open the dialog and spread the idea around.

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