Who Owns Caribana

Who Owns Caribana
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Club Crawlers Hold On Caribana

It appears there is a problem with the joint venture between FMC and CAG. It stems from the deal CAG signed with Club Crawlers some years ago. The rumour that Club Crawlers has a lifetime hold on the name Caribana has not been verified or confirmed. However, this seems to put any deal involving CAG and FMC in a tail-spin. It is also rumoured, but again not confirmed, that two previous CAG chairs were involved with the deal that gave Club Crawlers total control.

For FMC to bring the bacon home and celebrate the 50th Anniversary; it needs the name Caribana to attract sponsors. It’s also rumoured the government grant has those of the same requirements. But isn’t this a bit too late for Mihevic to be trying to unite these separate entities. He had the opportunity in 2006 to do just that. He totally ignored my warnings and cries to bring CCC and TMBA together, by force if necessary. All he had to do was to dangle the funds in front of both groups to force them to come to some agreement. Instead he brought in FMC and that totally destroy the any form of community involvement in the festival.

Ironically both groups are now run like a dictatorial entity, where the top people are not selected or elected regularly. Where once you had a board on 21 people from different community groups, you now have people who rule their way, or the high way. This has not been going down well and each year the same mistakes are repeated. Hence FMC ends up with no money and no love.

Then there is the problem of the stake holders – I call them Dracula – because they demand blood and get there way. All other ethnic groups can hold events until the wee hours of the morning, but Caribana has to be off the street by 6 p.m. while the sun is still high in the sky. The result, many bands and Mass players cannot enter the Lakeshore. Why? Is there one rule for some groups and another for Caribana? This reminds me of the pressure placed on some early boards that reduced the 30,000 people from going to Center Island. It’s probably time to move the parade out of Toronto and off the Lakeshore.


Governmant Funging

I know that’s not what the city has in mind. It has a strangle hold on the festival because of the funding, which it gives with one hand and takes back with the other. The number of police close to the parade route has doubled. These policemen/women are being paid to stay close to the parade in case there is a problem. There are even some on horses, just waiting for the right time. Black people are always treated different from other ethnic groups. I was told one black group was denied access to a park because the authorities believe they would climb the trees – real monkey talk! I wonder if there is any truth to this and is that how we are assessed?

I think it time to move!

Does Club Crawler Own The Caribana Name?

How did Club Crawlers get access the name Caribana and who signed the contract to give it access? It appears that the board was not fully aware of the deal because some members are still asking questions.

The contents of a recent email show that questions are still being asked, about the Club Crawler deal, after several years. I noticed this Website is also mentioned in the dialog, so I’d address that issue here. The URL www.caribana.ca is registered to The Caribbean Cultural Committee, the organization that owns the name Caribana. Neither TMBA nor any other entities have links to the Website. I didn’t register the site in my name, but rather for CCC (The Caribbean Cultural Committee). Incidentally, CCC is not dead and is being kept alive by the Website.

We should not forget that Charlie sold-out the name to FMC for $1.00. Then later it was again sold-out to Club Crawlers, for God know what! Scotia tried to take over www.caribana.com some years ago and lost the case. They never tried to take www.caribana.ca because they knew it was registered to the organization and not a person. Had they tried, then CCC debts which were close to $1million would have been Scotia’s debt. By the way; these debts occurred after Harambee hijacked the organization in the 1986.

Re-Uniting The Community

I have rebuilt the site to accommodate input from the entire Caribbean community. There is room for Caribana loving folks to submit Post, Links, Pictures and Videos. This is a way to bring back the community into the Caribana family which was started in 67 by people from different islands.
This is why I am trying to put a group together to have a SocaFest for Caribana 50th anniversary. So let stop all these negative vibes and work together to bring home the bacon.

Caribana Chairman in 67

newalbanDr. Joseph Alban Liverpool the father of Caribana, whose legacy is worth over $400Million today to the city, the province and the country. Help me to get the city to recognize him by putting his picture on the walls at City Hall for what he has done for the city, the province and the country. This is a more honest dialog than talking about the Club Crawler’s issue of which no one has a clue of what deal was made.

Comments (2)

  • There is an issue with Club Crawlers’ control and use of the name Caribana, that must be addressed by members of the African-Canadian and Caribbean community.
    No other ethnic community would have other people from outside their community control their cultural assets and legacy, even while other people are invited to participate.

    We are hearing talks that Caribana is multicultural and that it belongs to everyone, meaning that it belongs to no one, particularly the African-Canadian people who started Caribana. So the argument that Caribana is multicultural, and not African-Canadian is deceptive and it is part of cultural appropriation practices to justify that Black people have never contributed anything good to human society.

    For those that do not know, or pretend not to know, Canada was not a multicultural society in 1967 the year Caribana started. Canada was a bilingual society -English and French. Multiculturalism as an official policy was adopted in Canada in 1971 as a result of the struggle, agitation, and pressure from Black and ethnic communities.

    Previously, Black (West Indian) students’ sit-in protests against racism at Montreal’s Sir George Williams University led to a riot in the University’s computer centre in 1969. Black (West Indian) students were the ones discriminated against – it was not a multicultural community that was discriminated against.
    Please see below link to trailer re: Sir George Williams Riot documentary.

    Then, the subsequent arrests in Canada and charges laid against the West Indian students involved in The Sir George Williams Riot triggered the Black Power uprising in Trinidad & Tobago in 1970.

    It was the West Indian (African-Caribbean) community in Toronto who were asked to put on an event to commemorate Canada’s 100 th anniversary in 1967. It was not a multicultural group who were asked to host this event.

    Speak the truth, Caribana is an African-Canadian and Caribbean festival. It is not a multicultural festival, although everyone is invited to participate. Just like the Chinese New Year is a Chinese Festival, the Hindu Diwali Festival is an East Indian Festival, and the Jewish Hanukkah is a Jewish festival.

    It is time we as African-Canadians take ownership of what belongs to us!!!!!

    Any contract which the Caribana Arts Group (CAG), has with Club Crawlers must be CANCELLED IMMEDIATELY and that all community property must be returned to CAG.

    This is a CALL-TO-ACTION, for the Black community and our friends from other ethnic groups to join us in restoring our cultural legacy.

    Yours for the preservation and protection and development of African-Canadian and Caribbean legacy.

  • Will this matter ever get resolved? It is time that adults behave like adults and act in the best interest of the community and its people.


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