It’s Time CAG Explain The Caribana Name Issue

It’s Time CAG Explain The Caribana Name Issue
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It’s time for Monica and CAG to come clean on the issue of who has control of the name Caribana. Is there any truth to the rumour that a group outside the Black Caribbean Community has total control over the name? There is also another rumour that Sally had to get permission from Club Crawlers to use the name Caribana in his advertisements. How could this happen and when will the Caribbean Community know the truth about this issue? We need some answers, not tomorrow or next week, but right now!

It looks like CAG is left holding the bag with nothing inside. It has no money, no friends, no sponsors, no permit to host the parade and the most damaging issue is no cooperation from the bandleaders. Maybe it may have to try the “Indian Arrival” theme to promote a function, especially since it is also rumoured that more than half the board are Indians. The question now is: Where are Caribana and the Black Caribbean community that started this festival?

Where have all the Sponsors gone?


There were several sponsors during the early years of the festival until the 1980’s; when Harambee moved in. The usurpers missed the opportunity to include sponsor into the festival and had to head down to City Hall – cap in hand! No board was able to get the major sponsors to return, who often gave in-kind (that’s the term we used in those days) before CCC was hijacked.

It is rumoured that FMC approached some sponsors who asked for the name Caribana to be included, before they would consider sponsoring the festival. This has opened a Pandora Box that has FMC and CAG trying to outmaneuver each other. It’s very unlikely that CAG will hand over the name Caribana to FMC; without demanding some form of a joint participation in the festival.



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