How much does the name Caribana worth?

How much does the name Caribana worth?
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More that 100 countries visit caribana.ca Website


Folks I have to show you the effect the name Caribana has worldwide. It blew my mind when I saw the hits coming from more than 200 countries. I remember publishing this page on the Website and I opined, “Why is China interested in Caribana”. It had more hits than the US, from which many people travel to attend the festival.

The Name Caribana Sold For $1

First it was Charlie who sold out the name for $1.00 and is presently rumoured to be $500.00. But that’s not all; the folks at Club Crawlers have the name for perpetuity. How could this have happened and who are responsible for this faux pas.

The Pioneers Dreams And Aspirations

The mistake made by several boards during the 80’s just got worst. The pioneers dreams and aspirations just faded away. It is now down to just jump and wine. The new generation knows nothing about the dreams and aspirations of the pioneers and I am not sure they care. CAG knows nothing about the History of Caribana and can never fulfill those dreams and aspirations. Many are not even part of the Caribana community, so how do we expect them to understand what’s at stake. Caribana’s future looks very bleak with these people in charge.

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