Protection For You And Your Computer

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Before I started using Malwarebytes I had to reformat my hard drive to regain access to my computer. I lost lots of stuff but I preferred to go that way instead of paying some caller to get back access to my computer. You can use Malwarebytes and feel comfortable because it warns you and block you from visiting bogus sites when friends send you a link.

You can forward the link to siblings, family and friends so they too can be protected. The links from them will also be free of viruses.

Today the trick is to put a link, like a nude picture or some outrageous picture, which attracts you attention to get you to click on the link. Once you click on the link it put virus on you HD and then folks can monitor all your keystrokes easily. Malwarebytes helps you to avoid getting hacked by these viruses. I do online banking and this is why I have been using Malwarebytes to protect my bank accounts. It’s a small price to pay for the security of protecting your information on the Internet.

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