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Ideas For 2017

Ideas For 2017
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Tony To Handle The Miss Caribana Pageant

newtonyThe Miss Caribana Pageant is a doable idea for the 2017 50th Anniversary Celebration. The task can be given to Tony Ishmael who has performed this function very well in the past(if he is available), or someone with the skill and knowledge. The island groups are probably the first place to look for sponsors. The banks and certain business that benefit from the festival is another area to look for sponsors.

Then there are folks who may want to promote their services or products and may jump at the opportunity to sponsor a queen. There are also some Latin countries that may want to get involve and sponsor young girls.  Countries like Brazil, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Venezuela and Mexico.

Then there are the local Caribbean media outlets. They have benefitted for several years from the festival and may want to give back to the community.

Caribana Friday or Saturday Nigh Event

This CCC fund raising event worked well for several years with Byron Lee playing at The Royal York. Ironically there were also problems; but there was still a profit at the end of the event. I believe the FMC Gala had some of the same problems and some more. CCC problem was with the bar where it free booze for guests and many friends of board members.

Ironically FMC ticket price for the Gala was almost 10 time what CCC charged and was not on the Caribana Friday night. It also appears that FMC function included food which doesn’t benefit the organizers, but rather the hotel that supplied the food. Then there is the bar which was probably controlled by the owner of the premises, which was not the case with CCC.

FMC can drop the dinner session and concentrate on the entrance fee, which is where it will derive a profit. The profit from this event depends on two very important ingredients, the location and the capacity, . A location that can house over 3000 guest is preferable. The cost per ticket can be $60Plus. The total expense for the event, including the cost of very good artists should see a profit of close to $50,000. The event should also be staged on the Friday night before the Caribana festival. One has to keep in mind there are usually more than ½ a million folks already in the city with no place to go.

There are other selling points I can add to this venture, but I’ll rest my case here. This is enough ammunition for a good promoter, an excellent planner or an entrepreneur to handle.

I will also add that this is something for FMC to tackle. It has some experience already. This is not a venture for CAG, unless it can find people with the skills and talent to plan an event of this caliber.

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  • Hi Vere,
    I will give one of my Ideas, for free. Most of the Islands folks got together and started the Festival .—- {An Educational Award},— to one young person, from each Island, Saucing from each Association.– {10 Community Awards}— for persons who really contributed to our Community. This will give our Community some cover, and will also bode well for CARIBANA.????????


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