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From: Vere Palmer <pvpalmer@yahoo.com>
To: henry gomez <kingcosmos@hotmail.com>
Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2013 3:55 AM
Subject: Re: Question

I hear you Cosmos, but from whom are you collecting information and what kind of information are you looking for? You still need a plan to know what you want and what you intend to do with the information. I believe you last paragraph reiterates that sentiment, so we are on the same page. However, where we differ is on the issue of a town hall meeting.

There were several Town hall meetings and what have they produced? Were there follow-ups, to see if the plan or plans generated at the meeting were achieving their targets and producing results?

There were demonstration to demand the festival back and that didn’t work either, so I won’t suggest going the gang buster’s route to negotiate with FMC, the city, the bandleaders and Scotia. These are the entities that are running the festival and they believe the grass is greener on their side. Hence it will take a good plan or a better plan to convince them otherwise.

The idea is to convince them that by working with Caribana are the only solution to their problems.

FMC is at the same cross roads CCC found itself some years ago. It took CCC just under 30 years to get there, with little or no help from governments or sponsors, while it took FMC, with a $1million budget less than 10 years.

On the community issue, nobody has gone out to the community to convince it to get on board. This has to be done, because each segment will be asking the same question, “What’s in it for me”? Someone has to show the community the benefits that can be derived by it involvement. There is lots of work to be done if the folks at CAG are serious about participating in the festival.

One other thing: If you don’t have a plan and you don’t know where you are going, then you are right there – nowhere.

From: henry gomez <kingcosmos@hotmail.com>
To: vere palmer <pvpalmer@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2013 1:27:33 AM
Subject: RE: Question

The purpose of the town hall meeting is to collect information. It’s a given that all the cultural contributors will be invited. And I do not suggest that CAG (note that I’m not speaking for CAG) moves in like gang busters to demand the festival back or to “take it over.”

The town hall could be a very important step in mapping the way forward by reengaging the community that has been alienated. Inviting FMC and the City is not the same as sitting and talking to them privately.

Assessing strengths and weaknesses is very important; but no one or group has ever advanced by being stuck or focused on what they don’t have or want. One moves forward by having a target or goal and finding the means or resources to achieve it. When driving, the occasional glance in the rear view mirror is necessary, but the road ahead is much more important.

Again, these are my views, not CAG’s.

Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2013 11:52:31 -0700
From: pvpalmer@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Question
To: churchill.piggott@rogers.com; kingcosmos@hotmail.com;

Not a bad idea, but before any meeting the people to meet FMC and Mihevic should sit down and plan what to say and how to say it. Keep in mind that the bandleaders are the gorilla in the room and any plan must address their concerns. They are happy with the way things are going presently, even though the MAS players are dissatisfied based on what was expressed in this document.

This year’s problem has opened the doors for some negotiations. However one has to be very careful with going to negotiate with nothing to offer. CAG has a problem and that’s money, which the lack of is the root of all evil. The parade is still taking place without the name Caribana and this has to be kept in mind. The bank and sponsors are another issue that has to be addressed and it’s imperative that the plans for moving ahead should and must address this issue.

However don’t believe for one moment you have the community support, because of the response from a few disgruntled people on the radio show. That’s a small sample of the entire community.  First look at all the problems that brought the festival to this stage and come up with solutions to address all or most of them.

The FMC group has no idea how to run the parade and the functions that involve the festival to make a profit.  But so does CAG. Both don’t have the talent that is needed to avoid looking like beggars and that what’s happening right now.  The FEDS are cutting back or probably cutting out of funding the festival. Hence Caribana has to go back to the ideas that helped it generated money to pay its bills, in the absence of government money.  I don’t think CAG should be asking for the parade without a solid plan in hand: One that addresses that bandleaders concerns and how it plans to raise funds in the absence of money from the FEDS, sponsors and other entities.

This year many promoters used the name Caribana and it shows that there is still money in the name. Hence there are ways to ensure the name generate $$ for the festival s planners. This means that there should be a fundraising group that comes up with ideas to market the name, festival and the events.

Eustace will be shouldered with all the blame for this year failures, if there were any. You would remember I predicted this a few weeks before the parade. He was wise to revise the entrance fee to CNE, but he didn’t go far enough.  I also said it will be a massacre for the vendors on the parade and I will not be surprise if feedbacks show that’s what happened. Eustace thought he knew everything about the festival, but his weekly charade in the Camera showed he was way out of line. Like I’ve predicted time will tell if he bit off more that he could chew and it may be the case.

My advice again is to plan hard before you meet anyone. Don’t go asking for the parade without a plan and ideas to show how you plan to fund it. You should also meet with the bandleaders, (if they would want to meet) to discuss a plan before you meet FMC and the city. I realize that the bandleaders may reject the idea, but it’s worth trying. This is not going to be easy because FMC will not release power and the city may be reluctant to turn around and give CAG the festival,  if the bandleaders don’t agree.

Good luck!

From: Churchill Piggott <churchill.piggott@rogers.com>
To: ‘henry gomez’ <kingcosmos@hotmail.com>; ‘monica
Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 1:36:27 PM
Subject: Question

Hi folks – thanks for the update. Can someone share the thought process for calling a town hall meeting and inviting the FMC – would it not be a better strategy to invite the stakeholders i.e. pan, mas, caiso – those are the entities you need on your side? Am I wrong?

Cheers C 416-722-5156


From: henry gomez [mailto:kingcosmos@hotmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 1:32 AM
To: monica pollard; Maurice Bygrave; churchill piggott;
Subject: RE: G98.7 Grapevine Show – Sunday 11 Aug 2013

Hi Monica,
Glad to hear that you and Knia represented, and that CAG was well represented. Happy to know also that listeners reacted positively to CAG’s information.
I have been monitoring and been part of some FB comments that show dissatisfaction about this year’s parade (especially) is very high. The comments have come mainly from masqueraders who are very pissed of with the way things are going.
CAG has to remain on top of this so that another entity does not pop up and make things even more difficult.
It might be time to call a Town Hall meeting and invite the FMC and Mihevc.
Something to think about.

Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2013 15:31:04 -0700
From: mxpollard@yahoo.com
Subject: G98.7 Grapevine Show – Sunday 11 Aug 2013
To: kingcosmos@hotmail.com; dr.mlbygrave@gmail.com;

Hi Everyone:

Just a quick note to inform you all that the letter I had written to Fitzroy Gordon (you were copied) received no response; however, Knia called into the Radio Program and so did I:-

-callers very positive; a few sent request seeking info to join, provide services etc;

-enthusiastic to learn of the issues why we are where we are

-express interest in cultural aspects of Carnival – and down with the bikini and bra

-disgust on the Parade route and all bands unable to enter the parade route

-suggested that Mehvic be invited as guest on the Show – that’s the call of Fitzroy

-yes, many said thy do not go to the parade anymore

-this year was the worst a few said, referring to long walk, the number of blockages to get to the parade route, no access to the vendors-did they make money?

-and much much more…all great for CAG

Knia and I were both very good (if I may say so myself) and people were quite pleased that we came forward to inform the public.

I must say I was quite heartened by the response.

Monica Pollard
Cell: 416-706-4848
Em: mxpollard@yahoo.com

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