Fathers Of Caribana

Fathers Of Caribana
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Welcome To Caribana Official Website. Caribana is owned by The Caribbean Cultural Committee


Joseph A. Liverpool from SVG (Chair of the Board of Governors) and Sam Cole from T&T (Chair of the Executive Committee) were responsible for planning the involvement of Caribbean nationals in the Canadian Centennial Celebration in 1967.

The legacy of these men and others from the Caribbean has survived many ups and down since its conception 50 years ago. Their hard work produced an event that will go down in History as a gift from the Caribbean people living in Canada.

Today the Caribana festival is called “the Jewel” that generates over $600million for the city, the province and the country. No other community event in Canada comes close to accomplishing this financial feat.

It is important pass the legacy to the children and grandchildren of the Caribbean community, so they can be proud of what their ancestors have done for this city, this province and this country.



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