Double The Attendance At King&Queen

Double The Attendance At King&Queen
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I am challenging FMC or TMBA to use an idea I sent to a board several years ago. I noticed that the entire stadium was not utilized and half was almost in lock-down. I also noticed there was always a rush to get the contestants off the stage to allow the next contestant to enter. So I came up with a plan that can and will boost the attendance at the King&Queen show and at the same time double the revenue collected at the gate. It will also allow the contestants more time in front of the audience, instead of hustling them off the stage

I hope the idea will be utilized and I can be compensated in some form. Whether the idea is used in 2017 or 2077 I am still looking for compensation for the idea from the increased revenue. I am convinced that the idea can work and look forward to hear from either FMC or TMBA.

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  • Hi Sir,
    Good Ideas as always. I always ask–WHO YOU TALKING TOO.??—Meaning, the folks who you are giving advice, feel that they Know everything. One give our Folks an Idea, they run with it and claim its theirs. Most of the folks you are appealing too, lack VISION. for them, its ME, ME, ME. Its a shame. No one is speaking out about what will, can, be done for CARIBANA 50TH. If there are plans, all the {KNOW IT ALL’S,} and folks with So call, BRAINS, is keeping it a hush, hush. Is it NOT, a community thing?? HI folks. iF NOTHING IS DONE. We all will look, again like FOOLS, as a community.—-But—

  • Author

    I believe FMC looked at the idea and opined it can’t be done. I asked for a few reasons why but haven’t seen or received any feedback. If they think the idea is good, then they can and should come up with a plan to make it work. I will use their objections and turn them around by finding ways to overcome them.


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