Dalton Higgins We compiled interviews with everyone involved in the festival all the way back to 1966. Participants: Dr. Maurice Bygrave: Caribana co-founder. Henry “King Cosmos” Gomez: Former chair of the Caribbean Cultural Committee and Canadian Calypso Monarch (1995). Louis Saldenah: Award-winning bandleader, 17 time Band of the Year winner. John “Jayson” Perez: First and… (1 comment)

The Kiddies Carnival has always been a trade mark for Caribana Children Carnival. It was easy to determine the number of bands and participants in the Caribana Parade in advance, from the Kiddies Carnival. It started as an indoor event and moved to the street around 1994 or 5. Today it is still a street event… (0 comment)

CONVERTING VHS TO DVD Many people have the Caribana Parade on University Aveneu on the old VHS formatted tapes. The old format is not reliable and one may find the tapes have some difficulty going through the read-head of the old player. It is safer to move these movies to the newer DVD format in order… (0 comment)

Fathers Of Caribana
  Welcome To Caribana Official Website. Caribana is owned by The Caribbean Cultural Committee Joseph A. Liverpool from SVG (Chair of the Board of Governors) and Sam Cole from T&T (Chair of the Executive Committee) were responsible for planning the involvement of Caribbean nationals in the Canadian Centennial Celebration in 1967. The legacy of these men and… (0 comment)