Caribbean CookUp

Caribbean CookUp
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A variety of dishes from Caribbean Islands

ricepeasv1When Caribbean people get together for a nice time, it is to eat, drink and be merry. These are the ingredients one finds at Caribana. However I am focusing on the eating side, because we often don’t realize how important and creative our mothers and grandmothers were cooking different dishes. Caribbean people have a variety of dishes with the same ingredients but call them by different names. Very often other things are added to the ingredients, which give the final product a different taste.

This is where I believe we can have a Caribbean cook-up with different dishes from different islands. Those involved can be from the Caribbean Community Restaurants, the Mom and Pop outfits, or folks who do a fair amount of cooking and need to advertise their services to the community.

I entered an area to pick up some food at McDonalds and came across a Nicey Restaurant. I decided to checkout Nicey and found a variety of Caribbean dishes that were very appealing. Of course I settled for a plate of “rice and ox-tail”.  I was surprise the restaurant existed and that it is a part of a franchise. I believe there are many more people from the Caribbean who’d rather support Caribbean Restaurant than other fast food outlets. The problem is that we don’t know about them.

gemmaI hope our Caribbean Cook-Up will introduce these outlets to our Caribbean community, so we can start supporting each other. In Montreal a large number of people turn out for “A Taste of the Caribbean“, including people from Toronto, who travel to Montreal to attend this function by Gemma Raeburn Baynes. I can see Caribbean Cook-Up doing the same thing by bringing Caribbean people together to have a good time.

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