Caribana Archives


Joseph Alban Liverpool –  1967 Caribana Board of Governors Chairman


Sam Cole-  1967 Caribana Executive Committee Chairman


An official document listing the names on the board of Governors and the Executive Committee in 1967


Mayor Dennison was impressed and involved in many events. No wonder he asked for a rerun of the 67 parade for 1968.


Caribana 67 effect on the city had it requesting a rerun in 68. It has never stopped and today is worth over $400million to the city, the province and the country.


This picture shows some of the pioneers of 67 who have left a legacy so that their children, grandchildren and generations to follow will see what they have done for the city of Toronto, the province of Ontario and the contry name Canada.


This letter from the chair of Caribana, plus the advertisements and brochures of 67, show where the pioneers were heading with the organization. Today the emphasis is on the parade, but back then it was a different outlook and agenda.

I must admit I was not fully aware of the visions and dreams our pioneers hoped to achieve. Those dreams and aspirations slowly took a back seat as the parade became the focus point.
They left no stones un-turned because they included people from different islands with various qualifications. Incidentally, their dreams are still doable and can be accomplished today. Those dreams and aspirations are the ingredients needed to bring the community together again. Ironically there are more talented and educated people fifty years after the original pioneers, that can use the new Technology and Internet capabilities to make the journey easier to accomplish.



Young ladies who took part in the Miss Caribana competition are in the parade down University Avenue.


The fathers of Caribana who created Canada largest Communiy Festival that brings in Over $600Million to the city of Toronto, the Province of Ontario and the country Canada.