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Who will be calypso King for 2012?
All kinda bum bum in town
Pictures of King and Queen
Racist London Tram Lady - Emma West

China leads the US in hit to


Now what is China looking for and why is it visiting Is China looking for business opportunities or are these visits an indication of something else?

In a few years China will definitely be the leading industrial nation and is probably looking for business opportunities. It's probably seeing some advantages to be gained from the Festival - something Canada and the US doesn't see.

A few years ago Caribana was invited to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. It appears they liked what they saw and are keeping a close eye on the festival. What other reason is there why they outpace the US our closest neighbour with more visits, or maybe its because of the involvement of a Chinese band in the parade.

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Tax Credits and Tax Refunds

A document passed to me is indicating there is a change in how the Government distributes Tax Credits and Tax Refunds to low income people. I cannot verify the contents, but you should read the article, so you can take the necessary steps, to safeguard your Tax Refunds.

This information is critical, for those who use Tax outfits that pay Tax Refunds upfront. These outfits may have changed their business procedures and the consumer pays much more for their services. However tax payers can get - free help the document purport - from some government agencies. Hence it is important to check out the entire document. Click the link for the document. Tax-Refunds-2011.pdf

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