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Harriet Tubman

The Underground railroad.

The recent case involving an unarmed Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman; shows how money can influence the outcome of a murder case, where George had access to close to a quarter million dollars for his defence. Where in the world can this happen?  Right in America, the nation that prides itself of having the best and fairest legal system in the world. What they forgot to mention is that it's the best for those with money.

These are troubling times when a black unarmed youth can be gunned down and the murderer is set free. Turn this coin around and the black youth would have been hanged like in the good old days. Incidentally, it looks like the good old days are here again. It's Jim Crow time once more. Blacks cannot walk freely anywhere without being subjected to suspicion, depredation and systematic inferior treatment by law enforcement agencies, governments and many white people with bigoted beliefs.

Jim Crow law is showing its ugly head even in Toronto of all places. Today the police often profile black male on many occasions for no valid reason, well except they are black. They also have the authority to issue a ticket after they have collected information from the person stopped. It's just like the pass-book law in the good apartheid days in South Africa.

Harriet you have done a marvellous job and brought many black slaves out of bondage to freedom, but they are not all free. Its' like out of the frying pan into the fire for many black folks. When will black folks see equal justice under the judicial system? It's long overdue.

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